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Gospel Messenger / Evangeliumi Hirnök - December 2002. KIPLING, SASKATCHEWAN .

Calvary Baptist Church celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the church on Sunday, July 21, 2002.
    Calvary Baptist Church, Kipling
   The morning worship service was held in the church at 10:30, with Rev. Rick Williams, of Swift Current as guest speaker. Rev. Williams is currently the moderator for the Heartland Area Baptist Churches in Manitoba and Saskatchewan. His message was entitled: AA Time to Celebrate.@
      The afternoon service was at the Kipling Community Center. Rev. Norman Hovland from Nova Scotia brought the message, AMinistry and message for today.@ Former Pastor, Audrey Kemp shared in both services. Rev. Richard Barta was in charge.
      Musical selections at both services were rendered by the Basky Family Chorus, consisting of Irene & Allan Basky, Donna (Hall), Eleanor (Hovland), Edith (Mcpherson). Curtis & Bonnie Szakacs along with Heidi & Meka shared several selections. The Szakacs Trio, Evelyn & Natasha & Mildred Stachiw also shared. Pianist was Curtis Szakacs.
      Messages of greetings were read by Pastor Barta from former pastors Rev. Paul Hay, Rev & Mrs. Jake Rabuka, also Gabriella Olah, Edward and Louise Daku, Alex & Marilyn Venyige.
      Greetings in person were given by M.L.A. Don Toth, Alex Dakue from the Parkland Church, Glynne Twigge from Bekevar Presbyterian Church, Ron Weibe from the People’s Church and Elias Szmutko of the Moosomin Baptist Church.
      A short history of the church was read by Irene Basky & Pauline Daku. * Following the afternoon service the ladies served lunch and there was a time of renewing friendships and reminiscence of past years. There were many visitors from out of town as many who had attended Calvary Baptist Church came back to attend this special anniversary service.
      By special request a group of the former Baptist Young Peoples’s group over the years went to the front to have a picture taken. There were visitors from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Nova Scotia. In his closing remarks Pastor Barta thanked all those who attended.
      We are very thankful to our Heavenly Father for the past 90 years, and our prayer is for blessing and guidance in future years.
      Pauline Daku    (* We will publish thet here in January.)


Many people from Hungary settled in the Bekevar District in the early 1900’s among this group were settlers who were from Baptist churches in Hungary. They met in homes for singing and devotions. This area is seven miles from the town of Kipling.
      In 1911 the church was organized by four devoted families. With only a few members the first church was built... This building was only 14 by 20 feet in size. The group was led by John 0. Kovach. In response to a request to the Baptist Union of Western Canada, John Monus came to be the first missionary pastor. Rev.Monus served from 1912 until 1925.
      As the congregation increased the meeting-house was enlarged three times. In 1915 the larger church was built and again enlarged in 1918.
      In 1925 Rev. William Tatter from Chicago took up the work for 13 years. The work continued through difficult times during the depression.
      During the early years there were annual conventions held in the three Hungarian churches. The conventions altered each year to Leask, Wakaw, and Kipling.
      The pioneer spirit was evident in those years as neighbors helped each other. The neighboring church along Highway 16 was the Bekevar Presbyterian Church. On some occasions the two churches had joint meetings.

Békevár Baptist Church, Kipling, Sask. in the country, 7 miles from Kipling, 1915-1947.

      It is interesting to read a report about an article in the Hungarian Paper from Winnipeg. This was in the Special Jubilee edition: In July 1925. The Bekevar Colony celebrated its 25th Anniversary. The festival lasted for three days and was remarkable in that on Sunday, the Reformed, Presbyterian and Baptist churches held a combined service in a large tent. Many visitors came. On Monday there were speeches from members of the Sask Government.
      The Bekevar Hungarian Baptist Ladies Aid was organized in 1920. The ladies were an active group in the work of the church and missions. Money was sent to help orphans and needy ones in Hungary. In 1961 the title, Ladies Aid was changed to Ladies Mission Circle. The church has always been involved in mission projects including Canadian Baptist Overseas missions.
     The CHOIR was organized in the early years and continued to serve through all the years. Also a brass band was started in the 20’s and performed for a number of years. Music Ministry has had an important part in the life of the church. In later years we had a string orchestra.
      The Young People’s group was started by George Balla and also Mrs. Mento led the group with choir practises. In later years when it was re-organized. we had Bible Study, programs, socials, with meetings at church and in homes.
     From 1938 to 1940 laymen carried on the work. Rev. George Balla came to help out during the summer months.

Calvary Baptist Church, in the country, 1947-1959
      In 1940. Rev. Gabriel Mento came to carry on the work. He served for 7 years. The old church was dismantled and a new one built in 1947. The name was changed from Bekevar Baptist to Calvary Baptist.
In 1948 Elek Basky from Leask accepted a position in Kipling School. He was asked to be Lay Pastor, in which position he continued for 5 years. Mr. Basky re-organized the Young People’s group and also led the choir.
      In 1953 Rev. Elmer Dekany accepted a call and was Pastor for 8 years. The church building was moved in 1959 from the country to Kipling to its present site on Third Street. In 1223. the church building was changed with a new entrance addition. Then in 1990 the front of the sanctuary was remodelled.
In 1961 a change was made from Hungarian to English worship Services. Rev. Bruce Haskins came in 1961 and was pastor till 1968.
      In 1969 Rev. Jacob Rabuka accepted a call and served as pastor of the church for 13 years. English services were held in the mornings and Hungarian in the afternoon or evening.
Rev. Monus, the first pastor of the church came once a month to take the service in Hungarian from 1961 to1971. During the summer months from 1971 to 1973 Rev. Revesz from California took services Sunday evenings.
      As an outreach to Hungarian folks who could not understand the English messages in 1974. Rev. and Mrs. Ilonka from Romania were sponsored by the church and they continued with Sunday evening services till 1975.
      In 1978. Rev. & Mrs. Lajos Olah from Hungary continued with the Hungarian work. Rev. Olah served here for 10 years. They had an important outreach to the Hungarian speaking people as well as others in the community. From 1971 until 1988 our English and our Hungarian pastors worked together, with English service in the morning and Hungarian in the afternoon.
      After Rev. Rabuka left in 1982, Pastor Paul Hay came and served until 1985.
Pastor Audrey Kemp from Broadview was our pastor for one year.
After a few months of Pulpit Supply Richard Barta from Moosomin accepted a call from the church in 1987. Rev. Barta was ordained in 1991 and is our pastor at the present time.
      Pastor Richard & Doris are continuing with serving the church for which we are very grateful. Although the services are in English, Pastor Richard also understands Hungarian and has a good relationship with the elderly Hungarian folk. However our Hungarian speaking people are few in number at the present time.
      Calvary Baptist Church from its beginning has had a Sunday School for all ages. Vacation Bible School was started in the early 50’s and had continued for a number of years. We have regular Bible studies and prayer meetings each week. We can recall the happy times at our Annual picnics. Our church potluck suppers are held each month with a time for outreach and fellowship.
      Our prayer is one of Thanksgiving to God for having led us in the past. We are grateful for the pioneer workers and pastors who have preached the gospel faithfully over the years. We are thankful for all who have shared their faith with us. We have a common heritage and a bond of fellowship in the Lord. May we continue with God’s help to be faithful in serving our Lord.
50th was on July 22-29, 1962. Bruce Haskins, Pastor
Guest speakers were Rev. Bill Molnar, Rev. George Balla, Rev. John Monus.
60th was on July 9, 1972 Rev. Jake Rabuka, Pastor
Guest Speakers, Rev. Haskins, Dr. Renfree, Rev. Revesz, Rev. Monus
70th was on June 20. 1982 Rev. Rabuka & Rev. Olah, Pastors
Speakers were Rev. Moffat, Rev. Medgett, Rev. Monus, Rev. Olah
80th was on July 26 1992 Rev. Barta, Pastor
Speakers were Mr. Ron Basky, Rev. Rabuka, Rev. Larson.
90th was on July 21, 2002 (as report in the previous issue of the Gospel Messenger).
Irene Basky and Pauline Daku